Buck Lake View Home For Sale

Are You Frustrated by Homes That are Only Functional or Attractive?

Finally Get the Vacation Style Home of Your Dreams

… and Live There ALL YEAR LONG if You Want To.


As you may know, my name is Peggy and for the past four years I have been the owner of Peggy’s Bed and Breakfast here in Buck Lake, Alberta. However it is time for me to work on a new chapter in my life, and I have closed the bed and breakfast. When I was looking for just the right spot to start my Bed and Breakfast…

I was frustrated at the choices on the market…

I understand what it is like looking for a new home. When I was ready to get out of the city, I remember looking at property around Buck Lake, and feeling very frustrated. The homes that we were looking at were either too small, didn’t have much for character, were too old, or the property felt small and restrictive. It was hard to describe exactly what I was looking for to the realtor, and it seemed like I was never going to find just the right place.

Did you ever notice that when you are looking at a new home, you have a tendency to fill it with your stuff? Or better yet, you see the new stuff that you want to buy to fill the space? What about when you get to the property and it doesn’t meet up to your expectations?

  • I was feeling stressed out towards viewing other properties
  • The problem started to get extended onto the next places I viewed, making everyone frustrated
  • It felt like there was no place that was going to give me the vacation home feel, and be year round live-able

But then it all changed!

One day, we were driving around town looking for the elusive perfect home, and took a road off into a newer area of Buck Lake. It was up on the hill, overlooking the lake.  There was a wall of windows facing the lake below. The lot was large so there was no claustrophobic feeling. As we rounded the corner, there was the sign on the front lawn!

  • Calling to view the house, I could feel my anxieties lifting
  • Walking through, I could see my furniture fitting into the expansive living and dining areas
  • As soon as I entered to the door, it gave me a “WOW” factor from that wall of windows. A reaction that I get from nearly every guest that now comes to stay.

Although the pictures don’t do the WOW factor justice, here are a few pictures of what the house looks like:

Now I know that it is easy for me to talk about my home as a thing of beauty, but here within some of our visitors comments, you can see the references to the home itself.

found the accommodation to be very comfortable and homey. My husband got to watch his hockey game in the comfort of the living room.
The owner is so very friendly.
The room is comfortable, warm and very quiet. … The view of the lake from the breakfast table is beautiful. – P. Borle

…and another,

View of lake is great and the quietness of the location made you just want to sit and relax which was very easy to do. –W & L Maerz

So, after all of the searching and enjoying of the house, it has now come time for me to let someone else experience the home for themselves.

My Beautiful home in Buck Lake is for sale

  • Three bedrooms and a spacious Den on the main
  • Master bedroom has a three piece en-suite
  • Full unfinished basement with in-floor radiant heating
  • Generous double car garage
  • Spacious 1/2 acre Lot, with a beautiful sunrise view of the lake
  • Quiet no exit street

As we all know, the thing about real estate is that sometimes hesitation can be our worst enemy. Putting a “pretty good” or a “really nice” house on the back burner while you look around can lead to it not being there when you realize that it filled all of your needs and many, your wants better than the other houses on the market, but it was snapped up by someone else who could see the benefits immediately.

But don’t worry, this house is still currently on the market, and you might be surprised:

  • how the location is convenient for access, yet out of the way from traffic
  • how well laid out it is as a house, but maintains the ‘vacation home’ feel
  • why having a lake view is far superior to being at waters edge
  • how much easier buying can be than trying to build your own vacation spot

Plus, by purchasing my house you can avoid the following:

  • moving and settling in before the summer fun begins
  • have kids transfer schools without missing much
  • a certifiable bed and breakfast (if you want to share the experience with others)
  • buying a bare lot, picking plans, picking a builder, dealing with setting up utilities…

Give me a call at 1 (780) 388-3001 to discuss if this home is for you …

We all love to go out for a Sunday drive, and what better way to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather than to book a viewing appointment with your realtor? I imagine the disappointment that I would have felt if I would have delayed calling about this house only to find out that it had sold “when I got a round to it”.

Property with good access and water views is getting harder and harder to find. Having the opportunity to be in town with those views are even scarcer. While Buck Lake seems like a sleepy location, when the winter comes you have to factor in:

  • who is getting plowed out first, someone in town, or someone on the far side of the lake?
  • What about when you are running low on fuel, want to get the mail, or need 10 more screws to finish your latest project?
  • is being able to walk to the restaurant for coffee and a visit in the morning important?
  • all this and still have the ability to have a campfire in the yard!

I see that I have started to ramble, so I want to just summarize what we have just covered so its all in one place:

  • Living / Dining room and deck views of Buck Lake
  • 3 bedroom/ den and 3 bath home
  • giant 900 sqft deck
  • roomy 24×28 garage
  • 1/2 acre lot
  • a quiet no-exit street
  • access to a great fishing and water sport lake
  • opportunity of a 30 day close

It has been four wonderful years of enjoying this wonderful house and all of the special connections I have made with the guests that have come to stay in my Bed and Breakfast. The community here is also very supportive and I have grown to know many of them and call them dear friends. However, due to a change in circumstances, it is time for me to let someone else enjoy this wonderful property.

I know that you will find this house and community to be as wonderful and supportive as I have. You can see from the testimonials, that it is not just me that has enjoyed the livability of this house. If you are looking to live in a supportive community, near a lake that you can boat, fish and do water sports in, and be close enough to larger centers that you can access all the amenities you need, just give us a call today to discuss purchasing at 1 (780) 388-3001.

Thank you for reading and all the best,


P.S. Would you be disappointed if you didn’t at least come to view the property? It has location, view, clean, new look and is available. Wouldn’t it make sense to check it out now?

P.S.S – Is your current property search going well? Will you still be looking even after someone purchases this in-town lake-view lot? What is your time worth making appointments and looking at house after house? My house is currently not listed with a realtor, so we can deal directly to strike the best deal. Call now at 1 (780) 388-3001.